Project Overview

The streaming of the Haitian music is decreasing due the fact that other genre of music is increasing exponentially on all the streaming music platform (Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify), this causes a detachment of the Haitians Diaspora with their culture, The Client wanted a way to renew that bond by creating a Streaming music App for the Haitian music only also give the Haitian Music lovers a good experience while they are using the App.



User Research
Interaction Design
UI Design

User Research

Diving into research, I conducted 16 one-on-one interviews with questions focusing on what they expect from a strictly Haitian streaming music app, how often they use a streaming music app and also what could make an App gain their trust in order to use it instead of one of the competitors.

User Expectations

When they  connect to a music streaming app they want to be able to:

– Create an account

– Search the exact music, album, artist

– Share what they are listening across platforms

– Create Playlist

Competitive Research

I conducted three (3) competitive analysis, in order to know what features my competitors have in their app and how I can improve mine.



After I gathered the insights from my researches and competitive feature analysis, I came up with a few ideas that would make the users of the app have a good experience. Organizing them using the MSCW Method, I was able to pinpoint what would give them the most value.

User Flow

To help me visualize the structure of the App, I mapped out the main flow, or “Happy Path”, that users would take in order to go to the main screen of the app.

Lo-Fi Sketches

Based on the different stages outlined in the user flow, I put the concept down on paper. Using the sketches, I tested the flow and terminology to make sure it was as concise and usable as possible.

Mid-Fi Wireframes

I improved the original flow and implemented the changes as digital wireframes. After testing and iterating.

Style Tile

In order to more concretely define the brand, I constructed various brand elements (logo, color palette, typefaces, and UI elements) and placed them into a Style Tile, a visual reference to the design language of the app. Testing with the intended users yielded positive results, so with limited time available, I decided to use these elements as my Atomic Design Inventory and jump straight into Hi-Fi Mock-Ups.



Hi-Fi Prototype

The prototype demonstrates the “Happy Path” we allow users to create an account or Login to the home screen of the app, they can select, play, share music.

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